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A Guide to PFAs, PFOA and PFOs

Have you heard of PFAS, PFOA and/or PFOs? If you’re like most people, you have no idea what these are… So here’s a chance to learn about them.


PFAs are man-made chemicals that can have a negative effect on a person’s health. They were created to repel stains along with water, oil and fire, so companies used them in non-stick products, polishes, waxes, stain-resistant fabrics and more. They were phased out in 2000, but still have a residual impact on the environment, even today. For instance, PFAs can still be found in some water supplies across the continent! If you live near an industrial site where PFAs were used to make certain products, or you live near a place like an airfield or oil refinery, you might have PFAS in your water.


How about PFOA and PFOs? These were chemicals that were used in a variety of items, including leather-coating sprays, household cleaning products, pesticides, carpet stain repellent, etc. Like PFAs, they were found to harm people’s health and have a negative effect on the environment… While they’re not used in America at this time, they are still used internationally so you might come into contact with them through carpets, textiles, packaging, rubber and plastics. Oh, and PFOA and PFOs can be found in drinking water, too, though governments have decided what’s an “acceptable” level for these chemicals in drinking water.

Contaminated Water Can Cause Serious Issues

When a person has a build-up of bad chemicals in their bodies it can lead to reproductive health issues, cancer, thyroid imbalances, and cardiovascular concerns. If your drinking water tastes “off,” has an unpleasant odor and/or isn’t clear, you might have water quality issues. If you’re worried about PFAs, PFOA or PFOs, you can filter those chemicals out of your water! Shell Water Systems offers water softener and filtration systems– why not call 1-866-341-6220 and ask about them? You can also email
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