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Dry and Damaged Hair and Skin

Water Softener for Dry Skin & Damaged Hair

Are you constantly having to break out your stockpile of lotions and leave-in conditioner? You’re not alone. Dry skin and damaged hair are common problems. Most people assume these issues are a product of the dry air or a natural predisposition. Although these can certainly be factors, they’re not the only things that may be causing your flaky, frizzy problems.

Mineral and contaminants in your water supply are a common hidden culprit behind dry skin and damaged hair. If you notice your skin starts itching or your hair starts breaking after your morning shower, a water softener from Shell Water Systems can provide relief.

Water Softeners & Filtration Systems for Dry Skin & Damaged Hair

When water is hard, it contains an excess of minerals that clog up your pores and dry out your skin and hair. Chlorine left in your water from the treatment process can cause even more dryness. Your skin may end up being so dry it leads to other, more irritating issues such as acne, rashes, or eczema.

Our water softeners are designed to remove minerals from your water, so it becomes much easier on your hair and skin. We also provide whole-home water filtration systems that remove contaminants, like chlorine, that can contribute to skin and hair issues. Shell Water Systems’ water treatment specialists ensure every water softener and filter we produce is of top-grade quality.

Simply choose from the products we recommend based on your needs, place your order, and your new softener or filtration system will be delivered to your home, ready for installation from an expert of your choosing. If you need to be connected with a trusted installer, our professionals can do that for you too.

Order the water softener or filtration system you need online today or call us at 1-866-341-6220 for more information about any of our products.

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