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Spots and Stains on Dishes

Salt-Based Water Softeners for Sale

Do you ever empty your dishwasher, start drying off your dishes, and notice they’re covered in water spots? After taking the time to pick out dishes you like and go through the trouble of washing them, it can be frustrating to be left with these little stains, no matter how harmless they may be.

If you’re constantly finding water spots on your dishes, then you’re probably dealing with hard water. The good news for homeowners is that a salt-based water softener from Shell Water Systems can take all your spotty troubles away.

Salt-Based Water Softeners for Homeowners

When the excess minerals in your hard water build up on your dishes over time, they can leave water spots behind. Although there are some DIY fixes for preventing these spots, the ultimate solution is to address your hard water. A salt-based water softener is the best product to get the job done.

Salt-based water softeners filter your water to remove the hard minerals and replace them with sodium particles. Salt-free softeners, on the other hand, process the minerals into a different form that won’t stick to surfaces and build up. While both are effective at softening your water, salt-based softeners are more effective and the better choice to ensure your dishes remain spot-free.

Shell Water Systems’ salt-based water softeners can be ordered online and delivered right to your home. Once delivered, you can call a plumber of your choosing to install your new product or our team can connect you with a professional installer.

Are you tired of looking at water spots and stains on your dishes? Order your salt-based water softener today or give us a call at 1-866-341-6220 to learn more about our water treatment solutions.

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