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5 Secrets You’ll Discover After You Install A Water Filtration System

Take the time to do a basic online search about a water filtration system, and you may be surprised to see a staggering number of hits. Not only are more companies offering water filtering technology, but the general population has really come onboard with installing this tech in their homes.

One can’t help but ask the most obvious question — why? Having the cleanest water possible has always been a thing, hence the existence of municipal water treatment facilities. Even those using well water have understood the need to make sure water coming from the source was as free from contaminants as possible. But in many ways, we’ve all taken clean water for granted.

We move about our days drinking an occasional glass of water, doing laundry, bathing, and cleaning our cars & pets. The expectation is that every time we turn on a faucet or hose bibb, we’re going to get clean water. For about the last year, though, we’ve had to pay more attention. Being at home & having to clean things more thoroughly meant that we needed to know that the water coming into our home was safe.

Enter water filtration systems. Whether it was a point-of-use (POU) or point-of-entry (POE) option, folks wanted to be sure they could trust the H2O they used everyday. Other than safety, though, are there other things a water filtration system can help combat? Actually, yes. For example:


Water has a knack for leaving behind a lot of deposits in pipes. Over time, this can impact the integrity of your plumbing, leading to some significant repair & replacement bills.


Hard water can actually force you to use more soap than is necessary, which can get expensive if you’ve got a big family at home. Think laundry, bathing, and doing dishes. Considering these are everyday occurrences, well, you get the idea.


Perhaps the most obvious way a water filtration system can impact your daily life is the way it reduces the amount of plastic bottle trash you produce. Families will stock up on bottled water for drinking & cooking. While recycling is encouraged, it doesn’t always happen.


By the nature of how a washing machine works, laundered clothing takes a beating every time you do a load. Poor water quality leads to: 1) your detergent lacking effectiveness; and 2) the agents in your water wearing put your clothing sooner. 

Your Older Home

Until a 1986 ban, lead was used quite extensively in sewer & water main lines. While replacing all of the plumbing in your older home may not be a financially-accessible move, getting it inspected to check for structural health is. More importantly, a water filtration system is beneficial because it can help mitigate any lingering concerns you may have about your water quality.

Installing a water filtration system has become quite trendy over the last few years. However, while most trends tend to be fleeting & quirky at best, having clean water in our homes is not a novelty. We’ve always heard about the importance of staying hydrated, as well as how access to clean water should be viewed as a basic right to all people. So, it’s alarming to know that even clean water being piped into our home can still have contamination issues. Employing the right water filtration system gives homeowners a significant upper hand in helping keep loved ones safe while also having some neat fringe benefits they didn’t quite expect.

Purchasing a water filtration system is easier than ever, but who are you buying it from? Contact us to have one of our experts guide you in finding the best filtration solution for your home.

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