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Curious About the Shell Water Systems Process?

Watch this short video to learn more, or chat with a representative now!

Curious About the Shell Water Systems Process?

Watch this short video to learn more, or chat with a representative now!

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Water Softener & Filtration Systems

The quality of your water is something no one should have to think twice about. You should be able to take water from your home as you need it, whether you’re filling up a glass for a refreshing drink or hopping in the shower before work, without worrying about damaging your health or plumbing.

Unfortunately, in Texas and many southern states, water quality is not where it should be—but that’s where Shell Water Systems can help. We offer whole-home water filtration systems and water softeners delivered to your door. Everybody deserves safe, healthy water, and our goal is to make that happen seamlessly for our customers.

Water Filtration Systems For Sale

Many homeowners are shocked when they learn what could be lurking in their water supply. From fertilizers and pesticides to chlorine, radon, and more, there are many different contaminants that cause serious problems. Contaminated water can cause health issues such as gastrointestinal disease, as well as damage to your plumbing system and appliances as sediment build up.

With a whole-home water filtration system from Shell Water Systems, potentially harmful contaminants will be removed from your water and you can rest assured you won’t be dealing with any of those problems.

Water Softeners

In addition to premier water filtration systems, we also provide solutions for hard water. Hard water is water that contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. Hard water can cause a whole host of issues, including staining your clothing and dishes, corroding and clogging pipes, damaging appliances, and even dry hair and skin irritation. We offer salt-based and natural salt-free water softeners to go with your water filtration system.

Our representatives can help you choose the right water filtration and softening products for your home’s needs. Simply choose the water problem you’re dealing with, and we’ll recommend a selection of quality solutions. After you order your filtration system, it’ll be delivered to your home, and you can have your own professional install it for you. We can also set you up with one of our preferred installers.

The Shell Water Systems’ management team has over 17 years of experience in the water filtration industry, so you can be sure no one is more qualified to make your water safe. Order the water products you need online or call us at 1-866-341-6220 with any questions today!

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Curious what your Shell Water System could look like once it’s installed? Check out this post for some pictures of installed Shell Water Systems.

If you have pre-plumbing for water treatment in your home then this could be a simple DYI. If you do not have accessible plumbing this is NOT a DYI project. All installations are different depending on the main water line and where it enters the home. We suggest hiring a professional. This is plumbing and should be done by a licensed professional. We can help you find someone in your area!

Contact us and we will help you determine your water harness and come up with a solution for you!

Feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you determine what the best solution is for you! Or, first determine your need for water treatment. Once you have determined what you are targeting and what you want to filter then you can begin to choose products. You need to research what media is inside the tank, that is what filters the water. We use a specially designed tank to prevent channeling of media and maximize pressure throughout the home. We also give you more media inside the tank than any of our competitors to ensure every single drop of water is filtered.

Our Salt Base Water Softener with Whole House Filtration system can definitely help you with your skin issues!

Contact us for a solution

Choose the Salt Base Softener

Our team has listened to customers for over 15 years. We took our customers feed back over the years and created cost effective water treatment for families. We gathered data and feedback and created each and every unit through voices of our consumers. We worked through trial and error and perfected an affordable solution, easy maintenance, and long lasting unit!

We lead the industry in technology, deliver high quality grade media to ensure every drop of water is filtered! We offer Bluetooth technology, WQA Certified Gold Seal Valve, Vortech Technology, MOST IMPORTANTLY our media tanks match in size and we give you roughly 15% more media inside the tank to ensure your water is being filtered! Media is the most expensive part of water treatment! It is what filters your water and we have peace of mind knowing you have enough media to truly filter the water. Our tank technology saves you salt and money! We use a high flow design maximizing our high efficiency control valve. No need for gravel, eliminates channeling, and requires 30% less backwash than a traditional softener. This increases the softening capacity due to improved flow through the media bed. Environmentally friendly, reduction in backwashing time, saves you money!