Go Natural Salt Free Conditioner with Whole House Filtration

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Go Natural Salt Free Conditioner with Whole House Filtration

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Combine our Go Natural Salt Free Conditioner with Whole House Filtration for cleaner water! Get the benefits of conditioned and containment free water, allowing you to have healthy, clean drinkable water at every single tap in the home. Keeping your beneficial minerals in the water all while reducing 99.6% scale! This is our #1 best selling system. Improves taste, odor, without adding anything to your water!

Why our Salt Free system is the BEST:

• No TDS change: Shell Water System Salt-Free Conditioner , does not take out or give in anything in the water. As a result of no ion-exchange chemistry, the TDS of water remains unchanged before and after the treatment.

• No pH change: pH of the water remains same. This factor makes the treated water suitable for almost any use where corrosion is concerned.

• Rich Minerals Preserved:Shell Water System Salt-Free Conditioner does not add up sodium or any chemicals in the water. It simply preserves the Calcium and Magnesium contents of water, making the treated water the healthiest mineral water available. These Calcium and Magnesium are quintessential for nervous systems & muscles functionalities. They are indispensable parts in the cell chemistry of the plants and most of the life forms on earth.

• De-Scaling: Not only Shell Water System Salt-Free Conditioner prevents scale formation in water channels, but it also helps to reduce the previously formed scales. The NAC process takes out water dissolved CO2 in almost-visible micro-bubbles forms that help reducing previously formed scale over a period of time.

• Biocides: NAC process creates the conditions that water dissolved CO2 agglomerate to form micro-bubbles. These CO2 bubbles actively destroys bacterial membranes acting as a biocide. So along with the scale prevention Shell Water System Salt-Free Conditioner also helps preventing Biofouling.

The transformation of water hardness takes place in the following steps:

1. The continuous transformation of water hardness makes the immediate crystal growth possible with unidirectional chemical equilibrium viz.
Ca(HCO3)2 → CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O
As CO2 leaves fast the right hand direction of the equation is preserved.
2. The crystals developing on the surface of the FILTERSORB® SP3 bead, grow rapidly and nucleates
3. After a certain period of time the micro-emulsion of CO2 and CaCO3 forms colloid particle and leaves the media bead surface in neutral form. The average dimension of CaCO3 crystal coated globules ranges in sub micro-meter scale. The noted reaction time is normally around 5 seconds.

Micro Crystals and Colloid CO2 : The story behind amazing pH stabilization of FILTERSORB® SP3 treated water

Influence of formed CaCO3 as pH balancing factor:
The reaction: Ca(HCO3)2 → CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O is unidirectional while SP3 is transforming the hardness into water insoluble crystals.

• In nucleation assisted crystallization process formed CO2 leaves as colloid gas and is used as the template by the rapidly growing crystals in the nucleation site.
• Formed CO2 micro-bubbles exists in colloid form and thus does not form carbonic acid to dissolve back the calcium/magnesium crystals.
• Hence, the reverse reaction of CO2 with water forming Carbonic Acid is not possible and the pH stability is maintained. In fact, every excess CaCO3 crystals are buffering any carbonic acid leftover.

Taste and Odor 
Dry and Damaged Hair and Skin
Contaminants in the water
Chlorine and Chloramine Removal
Prolongs the Life of Plumbing and Fixtures

Chlorine and Chloramines 
99% of Harmful Contaminants
Herbicides, Pesticides, Organic Compounds
Water Soluble Heavy Metals 

Add on options:
UV light

Manufactured Using
CERTIFIED Components

Factory Direct Savings
Save Over 50% Today

Lifetime Warranty
On Tanks & Valves

Satisfaction Guaranteed
90 Day Money Back!

Our Go Natural Salt Free Conditioner by Shell Water Systems is a simple upflow design and vortech technology that provides 99.6% scale prevention without the use of salt or potassium to operate. No brine or wasted water is discharged making salt free technology green! No electricity required lessening it’s environment impact. Unlike regular filter tanks that use gravel and are prone to channeling, where the water can by-pass the media and travel up the side of the tank, the Vortech tank prevents channeling. More power! The media is the most critical part of the system, but it is also the most costly, so many of our competitors reduce the media volume to cut costs. More media means more performance and longer life. We give you roughly 15% more media! Make the choice to Go Green with Go Natural Salt Free Conditioner.

Our Whole House Filtration removes harmful contaminants found in the city’s municipal water. We use Jacobi catalytic coconut shell carbon and KDF55 media to remove chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides, pfos, ppas, pfos, oraganic compounds, heavy metals to name a few. Its large micropore volume makes it particularly well suited for the removal of low molecular weight organic compounds and their chlorinated by-products such as chloroform and other trihalomethanes (THMs). Targets taste and odor, giving you a refreshing water right from the tap! It requires no regular maintenance, no waster water, and no electricity.

The 10 inch 5 micron post filter will remove fine sand, dust and silt. It also eliminates the large crystal formation from entering the home.

Benefits of Nucleation Assisted Crystallization Technology:

  • Prolongs the life of appliances
  • Minimizes hardness buildup on fixtures and pipes
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Leaves in beneficial minerals
  • No backwash – save thousands of gallons of water per year
  • Simple operation with no day-to-day maintenance
  • No salt, no chemical regeneration, and no brine discharge!

Read our article about how Salt Free Technology works!

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Curious what your Shell Water System could look like once it’s installed? Check out this post for some pictures of installed Shell Water Systems.

If you have pre-plumbing for water treatment in your home then this could be a simple DYI. If you do not have accessible plumbing this is NOT a DYI project. All installations are different depending on the main water line and where it enters the home. We suggest hiring a professional. This is plumbing and should be done by a licensed professional. We can help you find someone in your area!

Contact us and we will help you determine your water harness and come up with a solution for you!

Feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you determine what the best solution is for you! Or, first determine your need for water treatment. Once you have determined what you are targeting and what you want to filter then you can begin to choose products. You need to research what media is inside the tank, that is what filters the water. We use a specially designed tank to prevent channeling of media and maximize pressure throughout the home. We also give you more media inside the tank than any of our competitors to ensure every single drop of water is filtered.

Our Salt Base Water Softener with Whole House Filtration system can definitely help you with your skin issues!

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Choose the Salt Base Softener

Our team has listened to customers for over 15 years. We took our customers feed back over the years and created cost effective water treatment for families. We gathered data and feedback and created each and every unit through voices of our consumers. We worked through trial and error and perfected an affordable solution, easy maintenance, and long lasting unit!

We lead the industry in technology, deliver high quality grade media to ensure every drop of water is filtered! We offer Bluetooth technology, WQA Certified Gold Seal Valve, Vortech Technology, MOST IMPORTANTLY our media tanks match in size and we give you roughly 15% more media inside the tank to ensure your water is being filtered! Media is the most expensive part of water treatment! It is what filters your water and we have peace of mind knowing you have enough media to truly filter the water. Our tank technology saves you salt and money! We use a high flow design maximizing our high efficiency control valve. No need for gravel, eliminates channeling, and requires 30% less backwash than a traditional softener. This increases the softening capacity due to improved flow through the media bed. Environmentally friendly, reduction in backwashing time, saves you money!